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Participants of T3UXW14 - in alphabetical order

Petra Hasenau,
Event Organisation

Petra is your personal contact for any questions around travelling, accomodation, food and drinks and leisure activities in and around the hotel.

Coming from a background as an educated industrial manager and logistics specialist of the late 80s and having worked for major national and international enterprises and business consultancies, Petra entered the TYPO3 universe in 2009.

In her spare time she likes to walk with her dog in the forests around her hometown and you can find her reading a book or on the snowboard especially at every T3BOARD as of 2009.


Anne Bamberger

Anne is media designer with a focus to concept and visualization. Currently she is studying media computer science and working as a project manager for TYPO3 integrations (freelancing).

Anne is the interface between customers/editors and developers. For a sustainable customer service, the application of user experiences is essential, so Anne is looking forward to an exciting T3UXW and many new experiences.

Boas Bamberger

Although I am a TYPO3 Community freshman my familiarity with TYPO3 CMS was established back in 2010. As a student of psychology (formerly business informatics) I make myself believe to have insights to UX/Design as well as basic knowledge of how to code.

Since mid-2014 I got involved with the TYPO3 Education Committee as a contributor so far. I am passionate about delivering a smooth entry and learning experience for people new to about any field - today TYPO3 ;-)

Paul Blondiaux

Paul has started using TYPO3 when it was just getting public in 1999 and founded the french TYPO3 community in 2000, Paul is an early TYPO3 enthusiast.

Coming from a commercial and NP field guiding background in the early 90s, he had since worked for some major international enterprises and is a Project Manager for a IT service Company based in Lyon (SODIFRANCE).

In his spare time you can find him in the garage back yard, rebuilding old english cars or diving in the big blue sea.

TYPO3 Forge

Patrick Broens

This guy, also known as T3BATMAN, is working with TYPO3 since 2000 and became a core team member in 2005. As a freelancer he supports, mainly Dutch, TYPO3 agencies with complex development and gives advice about best practices in TYPO3 installations. Other clients are Dutch universities and national broadcasting companies.

Since working on governmental websites the interest has raised for usability, but mainly accessibility. In 2009 he was also part of the User Experience Week.

In his spare time you can find him in fields and forests, driving his Land Rover Defender or doing long distance walking. If he is not there, he's probably in the Batcave.

Thomas Deuling

Being the author of several books Thomas is an exprienced writer and therefor will be repsonsible for the dsitributions topic.

Thomas is a web applications developer with over 7 years experience in developing large web applications with open source technologies. He started in 2007 using TYPO3 for developing web applications and websites for different agencies.

Currently, he is a freelance and has just founded his own company called He has managed many large web projects in the past, even developing a whole ERP/CRM system for a large international company.

TYPO3 Forge

Alexandra Dörner

I am an open-minded thinker who loves to be creative and is full of ideas. As a student of life I have to admit that I am a freshman in using TYPO3. I got in touch with TYPO3 during my further education as an online editor this year. With a background as a marketing expert with graphic design skills, having intercultural and international work experience in Germany and Australia I am excited by the possibilities of this content management system.

In my spare time there is still a creative part in me running, that is why I love to bake and pamper my loved ones. I also rarely leave home without my camera. To clear my head, sort my thoughts out and find new inspirations I need to do some work-out or go outside for a hike or climb.

Andreas Fießer

Andi has started doing web projects when they were pure HTML. His first TYPO3 experience was the creation of a community portal in 2007. Since then he has coordinated numerous TYPO3 projects of national and multinational companies and is now a project manager at in2code.

In 2006 Andi first got in touch with Patterns. The Pattern approach – most famous as “Design Patterns“ - helps to solve recurring problems and understand why a solution is the right one in a specific context. In the following years Andi has become a Pattern enthusiast, holder of the Neil Harrison shepherding award and conference chair.  

In his spare time Andi can be found swordfencing or driving crap cars to any end of the world he can find.

Kerstin Finke

Kerstin is a webworker since 1997 and still fascinated by this medium. She’s been working as frontend-developer and project manager in big and small agencies in the south and in the north of Germany.

Since 2013 she works as a freelancer. Her focus is frontend-development and TYPO3-integration (since 2006). She advises and supports her customers. She does TYPO3-trainings for editors and supports them.

In her spare time she loves nordic walking and singing in a choir. At the weekend she enjoys walking with her family at the coast and the beaches of the Baltic sea. Sometimes she accompanies her family to go sailing which she loves as long as the weather is fine and the sea is calm.


Philipp Gampe

Student at University of Bonn.

Active contributor for TYPO3 CMS since 2010.

Involved in the TER team since about a year.

Occasionally helping the gridelements and themes teams.

Patrick Gaumond

Patrick started using TYPO3 in 2003 and never ceased to be pleased by its depth and flexibility. He was the host of T3CON12 in Québec City and likes to say loud and clear that "TYPO3 changed my life, and I mean it". 

As someone having done several dozen trainings for TYPO3 administrators and editors, Patrick wants to share his field experience with T3UXW14 colleagues.

Patrick enjoys doing his own eclectic music, having a good time with his kids and cuddle up his girlfriend.

Maria Golovnya

I studied History at Lomonosov Moscow State University. I’m now working at German Historical Institute in Moscow as a PR manager. Among other things I’m responsible for the PR web projects. One of the biggest projects I have taken care of recently is the launch of a new website of the institute.

Under my supervision a TYPO3-based website was successfully launched in May 2014. As a project manager I was responsible for the process of creating a new website as a whole (concept, layout, overall structure, putting an order with external designers and developers, performance control at each step, copywriting, text editing and so on). I am now going on working with the website as an editor-in-chief and a TYPO3-administrator.

While working on the project I was really surprised with the great solutions TYPO3 provides to fulfill any creative idea. My experience with TYPO3 inspires me to new creative experiments with it, that’s why I’m very much excited about the coming event „in the middle of nowhere“ and happy to be a part of it.

Jo Hasenau

Coming from a background as an educated graphic designer of the late 80s, who transformed into a digital media producer during the 90s, Jo entered the TYPO3 universe in 2002.

Today he is a well known TypoScript wizard, TYPO3 trainer and coach, external senior consultant and accessibility expert at T-Systems. As of 2006 he has been a speaker and conducting workshops and tutorials at numerous TYPO3 events from camps, to Developer Days, up to TYPO3 conferences.

In his spare time you can find him at the numerous lakes around his home town or having a fine scotch of his single malt collection.

TYPO3 Forge

Andrea Herzog-Kienast

Andrea Herzog-Kienast is an author of German TYPO3 Books and Tutorials. Working with TYPO3 since 2004 and since then realizing several projects based on TYPO3 and Extensions.

As an integrator she manages projects and works with deciders and editors.

She is involved in the TYPO3 Event Team for the Developer Days.

Dirk Jüttner

His favorites are developing and design. Dirk has been a freelancer as WebDeveloper and more for the last 17 years. From 2006 up to now, he has worked on several TYPO3 projects.

One of his assets certainly is his diversity. He loves to mix up miscellaneous methods and give them all a new impact.

He can handle databases, develop programs both on the server and the client ends, and revise and present contents in a manner that is appropriate for any media.

Natalie Klinke

Working since 8 as freelancer focused on Frontend, Natalie worked in several TYPO3 Projects, such as Goldbeck or Geniale Bielefeld. During the last years she's doing a lot of customer trainings, project management and worked as Teacher for TYPO3 Editors as well.

As community and sharing loving person, she organized Webmontag in Bielefeld and organize our Office.

In spare time she loves music, doing sports or share time with friends.


Felix Kopp

Felix will join in his role as TYPO3 CMS active contributor, usability team member and TYPO3 Association member. He is a relevant supporter and developer for the TYPO3 CMS core and brought many visible improvements to the TYPO3 backend and core.

The focus will be in the triangle of frontend architecture, backend technology and usability. Currently he is focused on backend technology and improving the UI over the whole life cycle of records: create/edit, manage/import and present/export, combine, archive/forget.

Felix will not join as founder and CEO of Hamburg based internet agency PHORAX.


Andrea Moroni

Andrea has been a freelancer since 2000 and was an early member of the In 2012 she started participating in the TYPO3 Usergroup Niederrhein | Euregio.

During the last years she has been busy with a lot of projects with TYPO3 - mostly for small companies, municipal offices or associations, like TIBET HOUSE GERMANY e.V. She frequently takes over extensive updates of company websites as an external service provider, too.

One project she cares a lot about is a vacation rental website in Le Marche, Italy, made with TYPO3. She greatly enjoys visiting this fantastic region every year, contacting landlords and checking out new interesting vacation rentals for the platform.

In her spare time she likes to do Nordic Walking in the green surroundings at the beautiful Niederrhein or you can find her reading a book.


Mathias Schreiber

Mathias will be taking over the role of a project manager and community pit bull for the event.

Also being an active contributor and member of the CMS team it is his main duty to keep the results aligned with the current development in the core.

During ACMEs he is also responsible for handling the outside communication so he could be utilized to help out here as well.

Monika Schwarz

Monika studied Media Science, Art and Literature, at faculty communication / aesthetics,  worked in the fields film, radio and procured active handling with (Mass)Media. After training as a youth/culture manager she complementary focused her interest on IT Management New Media.

She started her first TYPO3 team-project in 2003, got inspired and since then CMS TYPO3 became her main topic. Monika shared her knowledge through virtual and real classrooms with a lot of new beginners for several years, implemented a lot of joint projects and continuously improved her skills.

In 2006 she started the TYPO3 Ruhr Meetings, passed the certification as a TYPO3 integrator in 2010 and initiated the first TYPO3camp in NRW. From TYPO3 Version 3.6 up to 4.5 she made a lot of experiences and is highly motivated to go on working with 6.2. and NEOS - consider herself fortunate being part of T3UXW and is looking forward to exciting challenges and working together in teams.

Kay Strobach

Kay is a freelancer as WebDeveloper since over 10 years.

During the last 10 years he did a lot of projects with TYPO3 especially in the educational sector.

One of the most interesting projects was the SBS SchulCMS founded in 2005. This project allows schools to start their own site easily with a preconfigured and restricted environment. During the project he spent a lot of time developing tools around templavoila and templavoila_framework, which now results in big knowledge which is great for developing TYPO3 Themes based on the new Twitter Bootstrap Base Package.

TYPO3 Forge

Fabien Udriot

After finishing my studies, I started a job as a web developer. Thanks to the TYPO3 university in Lausanne, I fell in the TYPO3 pot in 2006. Since then I followed my path with this CMS, where I am quite active (I stopped counting the team where I am in!). The community spirit has always been a factor of motivation and the occasion to meet talented people.

I am maintaing various extensions. One of the most recent projects I have worked on, is the extension Media which aims to be a tool for managing files and its metadata in TYPO3 CMS 6.2.

For the need of Media was developed the extension Vidi which is the code name of a list component designed for listing all kinds of records along with advanced filtering capabilities.

Extension Vidi
Extension Media

Ben van't Ende

Ben is community manager, consultant and mindful coach, currently working as TYPO3 Community Manager, leading the TYPO3 community to grow and communicate, inspiring to share and encouraging people to join and participate.

Ben is involved in the TYPO3 community since 2000 and was also present at the first user experience week in 2009.

Yoga is an important part of his life these days and he will do some early morning yoga sessions to clear the mind and refresh the body.

Martin Wiederkehr

Working with TYPO3 for 10 years I know the advantages and disadvantages of the system very well. Get the chance to fundamentally change the experience for editors was a perfect reason to attend to the UX-Week. And well, as a member of the EAB it's also nice to stay in contact with all the different community members.

I'm a passionate volleyball player and music festival lover. I'm currently trying to get my motorbike licence and also go for scuba diving if there's some time in between the other hobbies.