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Petra Hasenau,
Event Organisation

Petra is your personal contact for any questions around travelling, accomodation, food and drinks and leisure activities in and around the hotel.

Coming from a background as an educated industrial manager and logistics specialist of the late 80s and having worked for major national and international enterprises and business consultancies, Petra entered the TYPO3 universe in 2009.

In her spare time she likes to walk with her dog in the forests around her hometown and you can find her reading a book or on the snowboard especially at many T3BOARDs as of 2009.


Benni Mack

Benni is developing on the TYPO3 Core since 2006, handling the overall planning of the next versions and loves working on ideas and code to improve TYPO3. He drives the CMS8 development together with Mathias Schreiber, making sure that all dots and code snippets are connected and make a great piece of software together.

He is the CTO of an online agency called “b:dreizehn” based in Stuttgart, Germany doing mostly TYPO3 related projects and consulting for bigger sites.

In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter as well as enjoying red wine and whisky.

Mathias Schreiber

As the official CEO of the TYPO3 company Mathias will be taking over the role of a project manager and community pit bull for the event.

Also being an active contributor and member of the CMS team it is his main duty to keep the results aligned with the current development in the core.

During ACMEs he is also responsible for handling the outside communication so he could be utilized to help out here as well.

Anne Bamberger

Anne is media designer with a focus to concept and visualization. Currently she is studying media computer science and working as a project manager for TYPO3 integrations (freelancing).

Anne is the interface between customers/editors and developers. For a sustainable customer service, the application of user experiences is essential, so Anne is looking forward to an exciting T3UXW and many new experiences.

Diana Beer

Diana, who studied graphic design focused on advertising and marketing, is with TYPO3 since the early days back in 2003. There she was one of the hosts at the very first core team meeting.

As the CFO of WMDB Systems based in Düsseldorf she since then accompanied tons of TYPO3 projects in all their phases from planning to launch and beyond.

In her spare time she loves being with her dog and cats - as you can see.

Christoph Bordeck

Chris is addicted to the passion of web since 2005. Started as a Freelance Front-End Developer he soon discovered his passion for design. For the last couple of years he headed many international client projects and brand relaunches honored by some well established awards. His knowledge is lead in creative director position by anders und sehr and

In his spare time he loves to ride bike and takes photos of landscapes and enjoys every minute he could spend outside.

Patrick Broens

This guy, also known as T3BATMAN, is working with TYPO3 since 2000 and became a core team member in 2005. As a freelancer he supports, mainly Dutch, TYPO3 agencies with complex development and gives advice about best practices in TYPO3 installations. Other clients are Dutch universities and national broadcasting companies.

Since working on governmental websites the interest has raised for usability, but mainly accessibility. In 2009 and 2014 he was also part of the User Experience Week.

In his spare time you can find him in fields and forests, driving his Land Rover Defender or doing long distance walking. If he is not there, he's probably in the Batcave.

Ina Burkardt

Ina always liked complaining a lot in her life until she recognized, there is a way to make a job out of your passion. She studied media and information in Hamburg and finally found that the course she hated the most at the university would be the most important for her career.

She started a web company "Pottkinder" with her fiance Bastian Bringenberg, member of the TYPO3 server team. She is responsible for concepts, UX and Information Design. As a YouTube blogger she also gained a lot experience in marketing and content strategy.

Ina is new in the TYPO3 world but she always wants to make websites and systems better for the customer.
Users first!


Thomas Deuling

Being the author of several books Thomas is an exprienced writer and therefor will be repsonsible for the dsitributions topic.

Thomas is a web applications developer with over 7 years experience in developing large web applications with open source technologies. He started in 2007 using TYPO3 for developing web applications and websites for different agencies.

Currently, he is a freelance and has just founded his own company called He has managed many large web projects in the past, even developing a whole ERP/CRM system for a large international company.

TYPO3 Forge

Jörg Ems

As a former chef for more than 20 years, Jörg has an eye for detail when it comes to customer satisfaction and success in his day to day work as the Customer Account Manager for TYPO3 GmbH. He strives to give the best support possible and to convey TYPO3's philosophy.

Jörg joined the TYPO3 GmbH in April of 2016, being the first staff member of the newly founded company. While he is not a developer, he has a strong fascination for TYPO3 and especially its community.

In his spare time he likes to play video games, play guitar and produce electronical music.

Kerstin Finke

Kerstin is a webworker since 1997 and still fascinated by this medium. She’s been working as frontend-developer and project manager in big and small agencies in the south and in the north of Germany.

Since 2013 she works as a freelancer. Her focus is frontend-development and TYPO3-integration (since 2006). She advises and supports her customers. She does TYPO3-trainings for editors and supports them.

In her spare time she loves nordic walking and singing in a choir. At the weekend she enjoys walking with her family at the coast and the beaches of the Baltic sea. Sometimes she accompanies her family to go sailing which she loves as long as the weather is fine and the sea is calm.


Carla Froitzheim

Carla is working as a web developer since 1999 and as a freelancer with TYPO3 since 2003. At the same time she started participating in the TYPO3 UG NRW and she hosted the monthly usergroup meetings for the area Düsseldorf from 2007 to 2010. From 2006 to 2010 she also worked as a TYPO3 trainer at the VHS Düsseldorf. She participates in the UXW since 2015 with focus on accessibility. 

She works on big TYPO3 projects as well as on smaller company and association websites. In bigger projects her part is mainly the integrator and she does the training for the editors. In small projects she is also project manager, frontend developer and sometimes designer.

In her spare time she is a passionate geocacher and location based gamer, she loves hiking and cycling tours and she is a bookworm. Since 2007 she is also active member as photographer and painter in an artist association in Solingen.


Oliver Hader

Oliver started to work with TYPO3 in 2005 and was fascinated by the product and its universe. He soon started to get involved into community aspects and implemented "Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE)" in 2006 - which as well has been the title of his diploma thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Hof (Germany). Based on that commitment, he was invited to join the TYPO3 Core Development Team in 2007.

Currently he is working as a freelance software engineer and is researching on advanced web technology topics in general and for TYPO3 in particular.

In his spare time, Oliver loves to go cycling cross-country in the uplands around Hof (Germany) in northern Bavaria - at the region where he's living as well.


Philipp Hamid

In 2006 Philipp had his first contacts with TYPO3. One year later he was involved in the migration of UNIDO's Contentent Management System to TYPO3. As you can imagine this was quite a process and took nearly 2 years.

Meanwhile he started to establish his own company Supertrumpf with two partners. On 1st April 2008 the company was officially founded and since then nearly all web projects are realized with TYPO3.

Philipp's roles in development are quite different from project to project and mostly you can outline him as "digital mastermind". In other words: Frontend, backend, programming or design he is always welcome.

Jo Hasenau

Coming from a background as an educated graphic designer of the late 80s, who transformed into a digital media producer during the 90s, Jo entered the TYPO3 universe in 2002.

Today he is a well known TypoScript wizard, TYPO3 trainer and coach, external senior consultant and accessibility expert at T-Systems. As of 2006 he has been a speaker and conducting workshops and tutorials at numerous TYPO3 events from camps, to Developer Days, up to TYPO3 conferences.

In his spare time you can find him at the numerous lakes around his home town or having a fine scotch of his single malt collection.

TYPO3 Forge

Jan Helke

Jan got the first glimpse of TYPO3 during his degree in business information technology. From that moment on, he worked his way coming from TYPO3 3.8 up to the current master.

Since 2014 he attended almost every code sprint and in 2015 he became promoted TYPO3 core developer.

Jan is currently employed at TYPO3 GmbH as a Codegeneer, leaving him less time to contribute to the core but to improve the product TYPO3 itself. He truly believes that a professional maintained CMS is of great value for all involved agencies and developers.

In his rare spare time, he likes to play board games, do Square Dance and draw maps for the German editions of various role-playing games.

TYPO3 Forge

Dirk Jüttner

His favorites are developing and design. Dirk has been a freelancer as WebDeveloper and more for the last 17 years. From 2006 up to now, he has worked on several TYPO3 projects.

One of his assets certainly is his diversity. He loves to mix up miscellaneous methods and give them all a new impact.

He can handle databases, develop programs both on the server and the client ends, and revise and present contents in a manner that is appropriate for any media.

Marco Christian Krenn

Marco is a web developer with over 9 years experience. He started in 2007 using TYPO3 for developing web applications and websites for different agencies.

Currently, he is working for where he is taking care about frontend development.

In his free time he spends most of the time behind big old cameras and the darkroom developing film.

Christian Kuhn

Christian is an active developer of TYPO3 CMS for a while now. He handed in his first core patch in July 2007 and is nowadays involved in all main architectural core changes.

Working as a Senior Consultant for portaltech reply he is in touch with some rather big TYPO3 CMS instances.

In his free time he likes feeding and caring his pet and doing various entertaining stuff in Hamburg.

Susanne Moog

Susanne has been part of the TYPO3 project for the last ten years. Originally studying media economics she quickly realized that programming was more than a hobby and started working in IT.

She works at team neusta mainly as a scrum master and "unit testing coach". While for the main part not actively developing at work she is still a vocal advocate for TYPO3 and does a lot of architectural consulting.

In her free time she loves reading, dancing, learning C# and doing code katas.

Andrea Moroni

Andrea is a freelancer since 2000 and is an early member of the TYPO3 Usergroup NRW. In 2012 she started participating in the TYPO3 Usergroup Niederrhein | Euregio.

During the last years she has been busy with a lot of projects using TYPO3 CMS with focus on frontend-development and TYPO3 Integration.

One project she cares a lot about is a vacation rental website in Le Marche, Italy, developing a TYPO3 extension to list and manage holiday rentals.

In her spare time she enjoys to spend time with her family or to do Nordic Walking in the green surroundings at the beautiful Niederrhein.


Mona Muzaffar

Mona is a newbie in the TYPO3 world. She got to know about TYPO3 at her internship at curo GmbH and is working as a Junior developer at the curo and rheinschafe GmbH in Duisburg.

Currently, she is the first junior of the „send your junior“ program of the TYPO3 GmbH and is eager to learn more about the core and the people in the community.

Frank Nägler

Frank is a core developer of TYPO3 CMS since october 2014. He started with TYPO3 3.7.

Frank is working as a Senior Developer for iosoft | websolutions and the daily busines is the setup of small and big TYPO3 CMS instances.

In the rare spare time, he likes to play bowling and is playing it in a professional league. Also he is an active red cross member since about 25 years.

iosoft | websolutions

Ingo Nolden

Ingo has been a database , system- and network administrator for a long time now. He is using TYPO3 since 2006 mainly as an administrator but also as editor.

At the TYPO3 camp Rhein/Ruhr he had a very interesting weekend and gained some insight into the development of TYPO3 packages. So he wishes to contribute his knowledge at the T3UXW especially for refurbishing the GOV-Package.

In his spare time he is an enthusiastic geocacher and spends his time with cycling, hiking and climbing.

Janine Schendel

Janine is working as a web developer since 1999 and had first contact to TYPO3 in 2002.

Since 2006 she is using TYPO3 as here preferred CMS when launching websites. Since 2010 she is developing TYPO3 extensions and Websites for a tourism company in the north of Germany.

In here free time she takes photographs and ride bike along the baltic sea with her family.

Kay Strobach

Kay is a freelancer as WebDeveloper since over 10 years.

During the last 10 years he did a lot of projects with TYPO3 especially in the educational sector.

One of the most interesting projects was the SBS SchulCMS founded in 2005. This project allows schools to start their own site easily with a preconfigured and restricted environment. During the project he spent a lot of time developing tools around templavoila and templavoila_framework, which now results in big knowledge which is great for developing TYPO3 Themes based on the new Twitter Bootstrap Base Package.

TYPO3 Forge

Abramo Tesoro

During his career he has played many different roles related to customer ICT needs, developing relational abilities both in the client customer relationship and in internal projects development.

His liberal arts education allows him to efficiently manage relationships with all different professional roles involved in projects, keeping focus on objectives while mediating if and when conflicts arise, improving collaboration and agreement level.

As a Senior Web Developer he provides support during all software development phases, requirement analysis, design and development mostly in TYPO3 CMS projects. Having to work in projects for public administrations, he has developed good knowledge of web accessibility standards and Italian Laws.

He is one of the organizers of the Italian TYPO3 camp and together with a team of volunteers he represents TYPO3 at the Internet Festival in Pisa.


Tom Warwick

From the United Kingdom, Tom has been using TYPO3 since 2008. Working on both small and large projects within local government.

He is also responsible for the TYPO3 screencast team and is tasked with finding ways to better promote and champion TYPO3 in the UK.

Marc Wessels

Programming since 2005. The first version of TYPO3 i worked with was TYPO3 4.5, this was in 2012.

My hobbies, which I like to do in my free time, are diving, motorcycling and barbecue.

Bernd Wilke

Programming since 1982
TYPO3 since 2003/ version 3.6
T3UG NRW from 2007 to 2012

Initiatiator of

Hobbies aside from TYPO3:
Aikido and my 4 years old son.

Daniel Zielinski

Daniel works as consultant for translation and localization technologies and trainer for all relevant translation tools with more than 10 years of experience.

His consulting services include process analysis, tool assessment, configuration, translation platform implementation and roll-out.

Daniel is one of the leaders of the Localization Manager (l10nmgr) development team.